Back Where I Belong

Today it seems more people are following their passions. Many people in my network are pursing their business ventures based on what they love to do, and they are creating success. But there also many people who are reinventing themselves in this new economy. For the first time in six years I have a handful of students who are returning to school for their MBA in hopes that they will be more marketable to prospective employers.
Over the past few years I have been struggling with balancing two (career) passions. With small children I had to choose one passion over the other as I didn’t have time for both. Even though my husband was encouraging to follow my number one passion, I was tired of working so hard to accomplish something that seemed almost impossible due to the industry related barriers I had to overcome in order to make the slightest progress. In future blog posts I’ll share with you some of the mistakes I made during this journey.
Along the way I learned a lot about who I am and where I belong. Since 2003 I’ve been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management, respectively. Within the past 12 months I’ve been asked to teach a couple of non-accounting classes (I’m a CPA and have been licensed as such since 1997). I listened to the signs the Universe was sending to me. It was time to return to my consulting business. My skill-set is in helping the entrepreneur in the start-up phase as well as assisting small businesses with their ongoing strategies. So, I’ve returned to where I belong.
While it seems as though I’ve appeared out of no where, I’ve owned Prosper Strategic Finance, LLC since 2003 and I’ve been helping small business owners with accounting and/or business planning since 1994. The website was just recently updated and I am very excited about sharing my thoughts, ideas, mistakes, and expertise with you. Thanks for joining me.

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