Business Plan

The Importance Of Tactical Planning In Your Business

In order to succeed in business, it is important to have a sound business plan. Without proper planning, a business may fail and this is unfortunate. The utilization of tactical planning to compliment strategic goals, is a vital step towards success. It is particularly important for small business owners to establish tactical planning goals to [...]

The Disadvantages of a Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is one of the easier and most common forms to start a business. The only requirement of a sole proprietorship is registration as a business if any name other than the owners name is used for the business. The sole proprietorship is an extension of the business owner, not separate from it. [...]

A “short” Version Business Plan

When you started your business hopefully you wrote a business plan. If you did not, you can create a short version of a business plan now. While writing a business plan helps you prepare for the initial start-up phase and the first few years of operations at some point it becomes outdated. Many business owners [...]

Plan for Success

A business had been in start-up phase for about 3 months and the business owner had great ideas and high hopes. Then he ran into cash flow problems. The URL to the website provides an error message. His primary means of selling product is no longer functional. I keep wondering what happened to the confident [...]

Prosperity Program – Improve Your Profitability

Do any of these scenarios describe you? I have a great business idea and the thought of working for myself rather than someone else sounds very enticing, but also kind of scary. I’d like to plan and prepare in order to minimize my financial risks. I don’t have the time to write a business plan, [...]