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          How to protect the screw and barrel
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          Summary:Corrosive, abrasive and high temperature resistant resins can......

          Corrosive, abrasive and high temperature resistant resins can unknowingly damage the screw and barrel. For example, some engineering materials, thermoplastic elastomers, and biopolymer materials sometimes form a corrosive environment. In addition, reinforcing materials (such as glass fibers, glass balls, etc.), certain fillers, and additives are all abrasive.

          To avoid affecting production efficiency and product quality, processors must closely monitor the hazards these materials may cause to equipment. In order to maintain high processing standards, it is necessary to establish a preventive maintenance program (hereinafter referred to as "PM" program). When necessary, the screw and barrel should be inspected and measured, and the screw pulled out, reinstalled or replaced, because minimal wear will also affect product quality.

          The best way to protect the equipment from corrosive and abrasive resins is to choose the right material for the screw and barrel. To deal with corrosive, abrasive and high-temperature melts, wear-resistant barrels and screws are manufactured at a cost that exceeds that of standard polyolefin screws by 3 to 4 times. This is because loss-resistant alloys are expensive and difficult to process. However, they can provide a longer service life and maintenance intervals can be longer.

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